[D-CRUNCH] Specifications for the D-Crunch project album

  • 2020-04-27 18:34:39
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Dear Diana from all over the world.
Here are the specifications for the D-Crunch project album.
Now we only have 5 days left until the We X project is over!
Don't forget that this album is only available through the WeX project.
*Once the project is completed, the package purchase will also be terminated.

[Album Specification]
-BOOKLET 145mm*208mm 40p.
- 1 CD type
(2out of 18 individual types and 1 out of 6 units)
-RANDOM PHOTO STAND (1 out of 9 )
-RANDOM PHOTO CARD 55mm*85mm 3ea
If you collect all of the 1concept, the hidden message is completed.
*there are 2 concept photo cards.
-LIMITED DOUBLE SIDED PHOTO CARD 105mm*75mm (1 out of 9) ★45 Quantity limit★