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limited quantity Participate in the imfact of creating a new digital single!

Project Success
50% first-come-first-served,Limited Edition badges
Total Package Quantity

You can spend up to $500 per card for one order, If you purchase more than 50000 won, please leave a 1:1 inquiry.


We X Honor Producer Pick!AM 07:44 updated

* What is 'We X honor producer'? It is Top 5 people who has most accumulated frame among the participants in the project.
Also, it will only show by nickname.

Select We X honor producer!  


Only 5 winners of the We X honor producer

will receive the We X honor producer plaque and receive
the privilege to participate in [private live streaming] with the IMFACT members! 


 * Private live streaming is only available to a small number of fans who have been selected as honor producer of We X via a private URL at the end of the project. Exact details will be communicated later.

 * If you indicate your intention to refuse nicknames in the We X honor producer section above, you will not be eligible.

 * This privilege is only available to one account holder. In addition to ID, address, and telephone number, if you are clearly determined to be the same person, you may be excluded from the privilege.

 * This privilege is exclusive to the account holder and is not transferable to others.

 * If you refund a purchased frame package, you will no longer be eligible for the We X honor producer and will not be eligible for this award. Vacancy benefits for refunds are down to subordinates.



We X Project

 What is a frame? 

As a Project creator

To Purchase / own neighboring copyright of creators

Is the smallest unit, and the revenue generated by the project

It refers to the unit of ownership (copyright rights) required for settlement..


*Neighboring rights will be protected for 70 years after the release of the sound recording.

We X project

It's different from reward crowdfunding!!

(When album is created)


We X Project

Rewarded crowdfunding 










For We X Fans 

Video message has arrived! 

*This digital single is a song in which the impact members participate in the lyrics and composition.

After the project is finished, sound source is released and broadcasted in Korea.

It will be included in IMFACT's first mini album to be released in Japan.

Create your first project with your fans! 

Would you like to meet the IMFACT from the beginning of spring? 

 IMFACT Member Introduction 


We X fans together! 

Only in the We X project 

Don't miss the IMFACT! 


Why the project is special 

Neighboring Rights of the Creator 

You will own the split. 

 Q : What is the neighboring rights?

  In the case of music, the songwriter, composer, and arranger are the copyright holders, 

  but it is difficult to complete the song without anyone or artist participating in the production.

  At this time, the right to give permission to the person or artist who participated in the music production activity is the neighboring right.

 Q : What is the benefit of owning a neighboring rights through the We X project?

  When the album is actually completed and the song is released, you will have a music revenue for the neighboring rights.

  Owned neighboring rights (author's rights) will be protected for 70 years.

  Therefore, those who have divided the neighboring rights by purchasing the frame will receive the profit through We X.

  Frames purchased through the project can be bought and sold via a trading platform that will be opened in the future.

   ※ Frame acquisition price and sale are profitable!

Total Music source Neighbor Rights Percentage  

A : 
Participants in We X production (20%)

B : Publisher

C : distributor, broadcaster, etc.

If the rights owned by the We X production participant are calculated in terms of 100% of the target frames, 

they are converted to 0.025% of the rights per frame.

This is the conversion rate of We X production participant, not the percentage of total neighboring rights. 

You can check the purchase history on My Page. 


How to join the project 

Order and purchase as many frames as you like within your project. 

Not only will you be able to own your neighbors' rights, but you'll get even more gift benefits! 

Production schedule guide

Project deadline


Album production progress 


Album Release Target in May 


Start shipping 

"Please note that details are subject to change." 

Shipping Information 

Will be shipped sequentially after the album release. 

(More details will be announced later)

Shipping costs are to be paid by the participant (buyer) and will be shipped by EMS to all countries except Korea. 

You can check the shipping information in My Page> Purchase / Cancel History. 

Introduction to Package Components 

Various benefits from Packages A to G! 

Frame (Copyright Ticket ○) 

 · As a unit of neighboring rights, 

   the amount of possession can be checked through My Page and digital certificates.

 · Profit sharing is possible for the activities of the sound source 

   (melon, bucks, genie music, etc.)

 The payment will be made 4 months after the official release of the sound source, 

    and the exact time of settlement will be announced later.

 Digital certificate

 · Confirmation of retention of neighboring rights

 Provided by project per ID (account)


 · Provide MP3 file of the final version of this sound source

 Sweet Message (Digital Voice) (Member Pick 1)

 · Provide recorded MP3 file of selected member

 · It is composed of one type per member, 

   and up to five members can be provided depending on the quantity purchased.

 One file with same voice when selecting same member

 Special offline fan event (Simultaneous purchase)

 · Experience making wish bracelets with IMFACT!

 · Experience making candles with IMFACT!

 The event will take place on different dates and the venue and exact dates will be announced separately. The details of the event may change

 Fan signing event invitation ticket (total of 120 people)

 · Separate number of drawers for each package C ~ G

 · In case of multiple wins, one win will be accepted and no other person will win.

 Identity verification required

 Thank you postcard (handwritten thank you message)

 · Thank you postcard written by the whole member

 Video call (Digital video member pick 1)

 · It is composed of one type per member, 

   and up to five members can be provided depending on the quantity purchased.

 Provides one file of the same video when selecting the same member

 Poster (Group)

 · Group poster for new album

 · Provide according to the quantity of package purchase

 Album (D / S)

 · Digital single album made with this sound source

 Autographed Album (D / S)

 · Digital single album made with this sound source

 · Includes autographs of all members

Fortune Cookie (member handwriting message random) 

 · Includes members' aphorisms and message random

 · Provide according to the quantity of package purchase

Photo card set (1 per member / 2 groups, 7 types in total) 

 · New photo card set

 · Provide according to the quantity of package purchase

Only one photo in the world, my prints (member 1) 

 · Provided by shooting the selected member

 · Provide according to the quantity of package purchase

 Even if the same member is selected, it is provided as a new cut of different eyes

 List album credits (creator's name)

 · Nickname as producer on album

 Named nicknames can be changed within a certain period,  

   and the period will be announced separately.

Package Items

Tips to make your project successful!

① Get involved in the project!
② inform your friends by sharing SNS!
③ If the target condition is achieved, the project is successful!
(Conditions vary from project to project)