April Naeun&Jinsol (Prod. Kim Hyung-suk) Digital Single production

limited quantity Meet these lovely ladies with the voices as warm as spring in april.

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You can spend up to $500 per card for one order, If you purchase more than 50000 won, please leave a 1:1 inquiry.


We X Honor Producer Pick!AM 08:31 updated

* What is 'We X honor producer'? It is Top 5 people who has most accumulated frame among the participants in the project.
Also, it will only show by nickname.

에이프릴 팬사인회 추첨(100명) 결과 공지
[APRIL fan signing event lottery result (100 people)]


The production of the album will be processed after

the target frame(cost) of the project goal reaches 100%. 

We X Frame?

When the music revenue of the purchased project is generated

The unit stands for the ownership needed in order to receive the revenue. 

(1Frame = 22,000KRW) 

Your ownership of neighboring rights(creator’s rights) can be protected for 70 years after the release of the album. 

We X project is different from reward type crowdfunding!

Take part in the project and
let's go to Naeun&Jinsol’s special Fansign event! 


April Naeun&Jinsol (Prod. Kim Hyung-suk) Digital Single production 

100 people will be chosen out of the participants of the project 

To be invited to April Naeun&Jinsol’s special Fansign event!


 Don’t miss the special Fansign event with Naeun & Jinsol !

How to participate 

Buy 1 or more Frame, 1 Automatic entry

Automatically multiple submissions will be made according to cumulative purchase quantity. 

ex) A total of 1 Frame purchase: 1 time entry 

ex) A total of 6 Frame purchases: 6 time entry 

※ The date and place of the fansign will be released later on.



for the fans of We X 

A message has arrived from April Naeun & Jinsol!




Kim Hyung-suk, master of ballad composition,
confirmed as main producer!

Naeun & Jinsol’s project album will be created by Kim Hyung-suk,

the master of ballads whom has created numerous hit songs!

Are you already what song will come out? 

Please check the message from composer Kim Hyung-suk


The first project that two artists and
a famous producer make together!


As warm and sunny as the spring in April

The owner of the voice we want to hear continuously

 April Naeun & Jinsol

April Naeun & Jinsol is here with We X fans.

Don’t miss the look of Naeun & Jinsol only at We X project.


Three reasons to why We X project is special

First, to participants of the project
We give out We X “Limited Album” not available anywhere else.
The finished song will later on appear as a special track on April’s mini album. 

Second, as a co-producer of Naeun & Jinsols unit song 
Your name will be written on the “limited album” credits.

Third, Neighboring Rights of the Creator
You will own the split.

Q: what is neighboring rights?

For music, the author, composer, arranger are the copyright holders.

But without an artist or participation in the production, it is difficult to complete a song. 

Q. Whats the good thing about owning neighboring rights through We X projects?

After the album is completed and the song is released, you will receive revenue due to the neighboring rights.

Your ownership of neighboring rights(author’s rights) can be protected for 70 years. 

Therefore, those who own neighboring rights through purchasing frames will later on be able to receive revenue from We X


If the rights owned by the We X production partners are calculated in terms of 100% of target frames,
One frame counts as 0.028% of your rights.

This is not the percentage of total copyrights, but the percentage of the participants of the We X production. 

Purchased frames are available to check on my page.

How to join the project

Order and purchase as many frames as you like within a project.
Not only will you be able to own a portion of neighboring rights depending
on the number of frames you purchase, But with more gift benefits!


Project schedule guide 

2020.01.31 Project deadline
2020.02.01 proceeding of album production
Album Relese Goal in February
Shipping starts in march 

Please note that schedule is subject to change. 


Shipping guide 

Ships in order after the album is released.  
(Detailed schedule will be announced later on) 

The shipping cost will be on the participants expense, and will be sent overseas by EMS except for Korea.

My page -> you can check the shipping status on the purchase/ cancellation history.

You can modify your shipping information through 1:1 inquiry before shipping starts.

Special notice 

In case of overlapping project participation, gifts are calculated by the total number of frames. 
If the project does not reach 100%, it will not proceed and the purchase amount will be refunded.  


Package Items

Tips to make your project successful!

① Get involved in the project!
② inform your friends by sharing SNS!
③ If the target condition is achieved, the project is successful!
(Conditions vary from project to project)