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You can spend up to $500 per card for one order, If you purchase more than 50000 won, please leave a 1:1 inquiry.


We X Honor Producer Pick!AM 06:53 updated

* What is 'We X honor producer'? It is Top 5 people who has most accumulated frame among the participants in the project.
Also, it will only show by nickname.

We’re looking for We X Honorary Producers! 


Only the selected “five We X” honorary producers will be given 

The [We X Honorary Producer Medal], 

And [Members’ Cherished Goods] that members used personally will be released as a bonus. 


 *The cherished goods of D-CRUNCH Members will be randomly presented according to the rankings to the five selected as honorary producers, after the end of the project, only to the selected five honorary producers.

 *If you express your intention to reject the use of nicknames in the We X Honorary Producer column at the top, you will not be eligible for this privilege.

 *This privilege may only be received by you (one person). In addition to ID, address, and phone number, if determined to be clearly the same person, you may be excluded from the privilege.

 *This privilege is for you only and cannot be transferred to others.

 *If you refund your purchased Frame package, you will be disqualified from the We X Honorary Producer and excluded from this privilege. The privilege of the vacancy on the refund case will be given to the next priority.

Specifications for the D-CRUNCH
project album! >>Go to the image<<





We X Project

 What is ‘Frame’? 

It is the smallest unit in which you can participate as a producer

and purchase/own the related right of the producer.

It also indicates the unit of ownership (related right)

required for settlement in the event of a project's revenue from the digital music.

(1 Frame = KRW 22,000)

*Related rights are protected for 70 years after the release of the digital music.

We X Project is

Different from rewarded crowdfunding!

(Album Production Standards)


We X Project 

Rewarded Crowdfunding 










For We X Fans

A Video Letter has arrived! 

*This digital single will be released and broadcast in Korea after the project is closed. 

The first project with fans! 

Would you like to meet D-CRUNCH with stronger rookies? 





We’re with We X fans! 

Don’t miss the moments with D-CRUNCH 

That you can only meet at We X project. 


Why is the project so special? 

You can have split ownership of related rights, 

the right of producers. 

 Q: What are ‘Related rights’?

 In case of music, it is difficult to complete a song without people or artists who participated in the production activities even though the writers, composers and arrangers have the right.

 Related rights are the right of copyright that is given to the person or artist who participated in the music production.

 Q: What is the advantage of owning related rights through We X Project? 

 When the album is completed and the song is released, there will be music revenue for the related rights owners.

 Related rights (the right of the producer) are protected for 70 years.

 Therefore, those who have split the copyright will receive the proceeds through We X later, depending on how much you’ve purchased the Frame.

 The Frame you’ve purchased through the project can be traded at the trading platform that will open later.

 ※ Realizable gains from acquisition and sales price!!

Total digital music related rights ratio

A : 
We X producing participants (20%)

B : Production company

C : Distribution company, broadcasting company, etc.

If the rights owned by We X production participants are calculated by translating 100% of the target number of Frames,

they will be converted to a right of 0.033% per Frame. 

This is a translation of the percentage of participants in the production of We X, 

not the percentage of total related rights ratio,

and the purchase details can be found on My Page.


How to participate in the project 

Order Frames in the project as much as you want.

You can have a split share of the related rights, as well as more gift privileges as a bonus!

Production Schedule Information 

Project Deadline 

(May 1st, 2020) 

Album Production 


Planning to release an album in June 


Start Delivery 

“Detailed schedule can be changed.” 


It will be shipped sequentially after the album release. 

(Detailed schedule will be announced later) 

The shipping fee is charged to participants (buyers) and will be sent overseas by EMS except for Korea. 

You can check the shipping information in My Page> Purchase/Cancellation details. 

Package Contents 

Various Privileges!

 ※ This image is a virtual image and is different from the actual product.  

Frame (Related rights ○)


Digital Certificate 

Cheer Up Voice Set (digital)

Cute (Aegyo) Video Set (digital) 



Handwritten Autograph Album 

Album Credit Registration


Undisclosed Selfie ver. Photo Card Set 

Polaroid Photos (Random)

Strap Key Ring


Mini Pictorial

Mini Poster

Special Fan Meetup

Special Fan Meetup 2 (Hi-touch, Group photo)

Special Video Call (All members/1min)

Frame (Related rights ○) 

 · As a unit of related rights, you can check the amount of possession through My Page and digital certificate.

 · Revenue can be allocated for this music activity (Melon, Bugs, Genie Music, etc.)

 The settlement will be made when the song is officially released for four months. The exact time of settlement will be announced later.

Digital Certificate 

 · Confirmation to prove the amount of copyrights

 Provided on a project-specific basis per account.

Cheer Up Voice Set (digital) 

 · One set per member is provided as a recording MP3 file.

 · All the same regardless of the quantity purchased.

Cute (Aegyo) Video Set (digital) 

 · One set per member is provided as a video file.


 · Album produced from the digital music of this project

Handwritten Autograph Album 

 · Album produced from the digital music of this project including handwritten autographs of all members

Album Credit Registration 

 · Your nickname will be written as a special producer in the album, which is produced from this project's digital music.

 Nicknames can be changed within a certain period of time, which will be announced separately.

Undisclosed Selfie ver. Photo Card Set 

 · Selfie ver. Photo card set of members

 * 1 card of each member, 3 cards of all members, 3 cards of unit members / 1 set = 15 cards

Polaroid Photos (Random) 

 · The photo is provided randomly.

 · Provided according to package purchase quantity.

Strap Key Ring 

 · Manufactured and provided with the selected phrase after the phrase event.


 · A transparent tumbler with D-CRUNCH logo

Mini Pictorial 

 · Mini pictorial with album jackets or music video behind the scenes.

Mini Poster 

 · A4 sized color mini poster

Special Fan Meetup 

 · Only for people who purchased Package D (100 people) and Special package 1 (50 people).

 · Package D and Special Package 1 will be operated on the same date, subsequently.

 Checking Identification before entering (Required to Hold Identification Card)

 * If one person purchased more than two albums, the entry can be made together (transfer and individual admission is not allowed)

Special Fan Meetup 2 (Hi-touch, Group photo)

 · Only for people who purchased Special Package 1 (50 people)

 · Package D and Special Package 1 will be operated on the same date, subsequently.

 Re-identification before entering again (Required to Hold Identification Card)

 * If one person purchased more than two albums, the entry can be made together (transfer and individual admission is not allowed) 

Special Video Call (All members/1min) 

 · Only for people who purchased Special Package 2 (50 people)

 * For 1 minute, the time will be announced later.

 * If you missed the call, redial is not available.

Package Items

Tips to make your project successful!

① Participate in the project directly!
② Inform your friends through social media sharing!
③ If the target condition is achieved, the project is successful!
(Conditions vary from project to project)